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Guideline 4I

  • Internationalization: the global market as a business partner.
  • Innovation: to know the best and latest technology and implement the best strategies in terms of quality and investment value , to achieve excellent profits in respect of the expected payback.
  • Industrialization / Implementation: to be competitive in operational implementation  by offering costs quality and service according to the market demands, with a view to benchmarking with competitors of excellence in the field of reference.
  • Integration: recognize, respect and valorize always the values of diversity, tradition, experience, history, equilibrium and complexity relative to the local specific situation in a company

Guideline 5M

  • Man: the company is made of people with their skills, knowledge and experience who contribute to the company’s success.
  • Management: think, fix and exemplify  corporate targets so that they are clear to everyone and useful to the company's growth.
  • Machine: the best technology in the world economically sustainable.
  • Material: the flow of materials developed with a view to excellence in Lean method and / or with a view to benchmarking of excellence in the field of reference.
  • Method: clear rules and together in parallel speed and operational agility.

The constant harmony and equilibrium  of these 5 factors in each corporate action is the basis for excellent results and performances  in terms of effectiveness and efficiency in the international market. All these actions  in a constant flow of information and business style at every level of the organization with a view to constant bottom-up & top-down behavior and style in organization chart.

Guideline 4R

  • Renew: always be ready to change and to evolution for meeting always  the demands of the market, bringing with them the best experience and tradition.
  • Resolve: find optimal solutions with actions and facts that are in harmony with business strategies.
  • Resist: structured to overcome the disturbances and fluctuations in international market.
  • Rise again: always look for opportunities, also and above all in the difficulties, of development and growth with a perspective of international and constant  renewal.

Guideline 5C

  • Growth: finding always new business opportunities and at the same time increase the know -how and expertise of everyone in the company.
  • Creativity: to stimulate free thinking proactive in the company and be prepared to listen and analyze ideas coming from all levels of the organization.
  • Cohesion: sustain team spirit at all levels of the organization, acting with approach botton up & top down for clarity and sharing of objectives and targets. Everyone in the company should pursue the same strategic objectives in order to compete in the international market.
  • Know: targeted expertise and experience are the basis of every effective and efficient actions.
  • Communicate: information sharing is crucial for creating a motivated team and and influential leadership.