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Ing. Roberto Fasolin

He was born in Isola della Scala (VR) August 30, 1964.

He graduated in Nuclear Engineering with specialization Plant Mechanic Fission Fusion and Plasma Physics at the Polytechnic of Milan.
He began his professional experience in the technical industry, covering during the years all leadership positions in national and international business realities  to the General Director and CEO, to undertake entrepreneurial activity.

In thirty years of career he has gained experience in prestigious companies such as Belleli Group , Riello Group, Sony Group, Zadi Group, and PM Group.
In his professional career he worked directly on Operations and Supply Chain, Purchasing, R & D and Design, Industrialization of product and process, Sales and Marketing Operations and Strategic Marketing and Sales national and international,Quality / Safety / Environment / Energy ; he dealt with the renewal of industrial national and international company, to launch and lead major companies operating both in Italy and in China, India , Malta, Romania and Venezuela.

Over the last 10 years in particular has held positions of General Management as CEO, general manager, technical and industrial director, integrated supply chain director, purchasing director, sales and marketing director, director of Integrated Quality, Safety and Environment. He has worked on development strategy, international business, corporate business plans, business acquisitions and integrations.  Also management control cost and margin, optimization of industrial layout, start-up and improvement of production facilities, both in Italy and abroad, in various industrial sectors.

Native speakers of Italian, owns advanced English language skills.