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Human Resources and Training

  • Management of company renewal
  • Management of generational change
  • Management of recruitment and staff
  • Analysis of the organization based on business processes and strategic and tactical needs of the company, both present and future
  • Review the Company's organization and improvement in optical slim and effectiveness
  • Analysis of people skills and suitability for the role
  • Development of human resources
  • Know, simplify, evolve the company assisting the client in the redefinition of strategies, processes and the organizational structure
  • Implementation of  top-down and bottom-up behavior
  • Analysis and definition of guidelines for fixed and variable remuneration
  • Agreements and internal and external relationships
  • Training in optical binomial consultant ( LRSTM ) and protagonist ( Company ) and in line with the AACC model ( Analysis, Action, Consolidation, Express final ). Help for support existing training funds
  • Executive search of middle and above all top management